[ELS] 2021 London Ambulance Service Skoda kodiaq

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Model - Exceed dev

Justice Light bar - State zero

ST6 - Andrew 

Boot kit - Bradstar 

Car maded by rockywl#8784

Stuff purchased by rockywl#8784

DONT Reupload

DONT Unlock/Rip

Can be used in FiveM Communities and server + Single Payer

Discord - https://discord.gg/zGhuTgjXUx

DM rockywl#8784 for template

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3 weeks ago

Furthermore, is there an ELS config provided? The lights use extras 1 and 2 for left and right, which are incorrect as the convention is to use 1 and 4 (outer) and 2 and 3 (inner). Using the same ELS config as other vehicles results in them all flashing at once. I wouldn't know of a sensible ELS config that uses 1 and 2 patterns which could be used for this model.

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3 weeks ago

Quite frankly one of the worst skins I've seen on this site. The model is decent, but the skin is so bad it's not even easy to reskin.

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4 weeks ago

looks good