[ELS] Metropolitan Police Vehicle Pack

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This release is made on behalf of TylxrD.#0755

To start off Tyler joining IGM, he has decided to release an old pack of his that is no longer for sale. These were made some time ago and will not be updated. There will be no support provided for this pack.

Please make sure to enjoy this free release.

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Includes 7 Vehicles:

BMW X5 G05s - MO19

Volvo XC90 - RASP

Volvo XC90 - RTPC

Volvo XC90 - MO19

BMW X5 E70 - DPG



Setups: TylxrD.#0755

Base Models: British Gamer 88, Asquith, James Radley, State Zero Mods (with edits)

Lighting Equipment: CEO, Kane104, James Radley (with edits)

Boot Equipment: James Radley, State Zero

ANPR & MDT Dome: Double Doppler

(Any Missed  Credits, please contact us via Discord)

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TheMarioExpertMan Replying to alfiejp2000
4 weeks ago

download any UK model and you should find an ELS file. I personally use this one: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2019-volvo-v60-police-demo-pack Hope that helps

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alfiejp2000 Replying to IGMZachC
4 weeks ago

Where would I find them?

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IGMZachC Replying to alfiejp2000
4 weeks ago

use literally any generic one..

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4 weeks ago

No Els files :(

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4 weeks ago

This looks great! Thanks for the up load! :)