[ELS] Skoda Karoq Joint Response Unit - Fictional

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https://youtube.com/shorts/iP2056D-lqI?feature=share - Vehicle responding in-game.


- Medical boot animation [Open the bonnet]

- High quality skin

- Interior

Just gonna say it politely here, this is fictional. It's what I have interpreted of this Kent JRU, made it how I want it. 

If you wish to reskin, please DM me.

Credits -

Model - Modding Lounge

Ecco 12+ - Bradstr

Skin - Myself/Jozef

Setup - Myself/Jozef'

Boot - Bradstr

My Discord: Jozef#9999

You may not rip this skin or vehicle, you may not claim as your own.

Enjoy, join my media community here!

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Jozefsteel Replying to alfie4321
last month

https://discord.gg/YvqRWeVE There you go buddy, feel free to ask me anything!

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last month

Hi! Your discord link has expired, could you update it, thanks!

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Jozefsteel Replying to forbesee
last month

Will do, just figuring out some other stuff at the moment. :)

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last month

Can you put the rest of the taillights in the boot node pls

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last month

Need help? Missed credits or an issue? DM me Jozef#9999