[ELS] 2018 BMW 530d G31 Unmarked Traffic Car

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good vehicle for anyone wanting a unmarked traffic car.

credits :

Model: Exceed Developments

Setup: D4n9y (Chevvas Customs)

Whelen Ions: CEO

Whelen Spitfire: 1JKSensation1 - ( I replaced ion with CEO ones)

Toughpad: MegaMac(my own textures)

RSG Maxi System: Bradstr090

LP3 Module: Bradstr090 

Boot Equiptment: State Zero

any missed credits make a ticket in my server :)

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D4n9y Replying to BWRmodifications
November 2022

didnt realise till after, its my like second els vehicle made by me so not top quality, will fix it in the future

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November 2022

floating ions love it