[EUP] Metropolitan Police ERPT HiVis Jacket + Fleece

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Hi Guys, Enjoy!


- Met Vest Fitted over jackets.

- Radio and BodyCam

- HiVis Jacket Zipped Up 

- Black Fleece

Goes along nicely with this - https://unionmods.com/?p=viewfile&file=850

Any issues open a ticket on discord or dm me ZachC#3544


Vest - Ramshaw (Model + Texture edits by Me)

SC20 Radio + AXON Body3 - D.Pease (State Zero)

Jackets - Brasiel (Model + Texture edits by Me)

Rigging - Me

Missed credits? Message me on discord -ZachC#3544

Terms of Use

- You are not permitted to re-distribute these files by any means, copy these files, rip these files, “unlock” these files, or anything of this type.

- You may use the files on a FiveM Server/Community, but you must inform / request permission by opening a ticket in our discord before this is done.

SP Install 

Remove "mp_m_freemode_01^" then drag and drop files here: mods>update>x64>dlcpacks>eup>dlc.rpf>eup_componentpeds.rpf>mp_m_freemode_01

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IGMZachC Replying to tommypayne10
January 2023

there is not a wardrobe.ini file... the psd files are for photoshop.

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January 2023

Where is the wardrobe.ini file and what should I do with the .psd files?

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SGModding Replying to BWRmodifications
November 2022

since when

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BWRmodifications Replying to SGModding
November 2022

Jeez lad do you comment on every post might want to get out the house

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November 2022

Amazing Release! Hope for more soon, any chance of some met hats as well?

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November 2022

wow so nice cant wait for the next free release