[ELS] Generic Firearms BMW X5M

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Reskinning is permitted, just credit the credits below. Use in FiveM servers is permitted, just make a ticket in our Discord and let us know. Simple but effective BMW X5M ARV. Another great addition for fictional servers.


Setup: Jake (rUn) (Jake's Modifications)

Skin: Jake (Plaice) (Jake's Modifications)

Model: GTA SA (Unknown Author)

Converted to GTAV: BritishGamer88

Converted to GTAIV: BritishGamer88

Templated: BritishGamer88

Materials & Texture's: GTA SA & BritishGamer88

Boot Equipment: S0

Grille lights: S0


Halligan & enforcer: Cell 1

Lightbar: Matrix Mods

Buttonblast modelled, textured and converted: JamesR

Emissive texture: ObsidianGames

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Thank you!

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so nice keep up the good work