[ELS] 2018 Ford Transit Custom PTV Pack

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Generic 2018 Ford Transit Custom Prisoner Transport Van Pack, featuring both a marked and unmarked variant! Really nice setups, featuring 360-degree lighting, fully detailed interior and working rear cage! Use in FiveM servers is allowed, however please let us know by making a ticket in our Discord. Reskinning is again allowed, just credit everyone listed below. Great addition to any server.


Setup: Jake (Jake's Modifications)

Skin: Liam (Jake's Modifications)

3D Model: Squir

Purchased: BritishGamer88

Lowered & Sorted: Raddz

Modding Templated: BritishGamer88

Materials & Textures: BritishGamer88

Converted to GTAIV: BritishGamer88

Converted to GTAV: BritishGamer88

Lightbar: Matrix Mods


Enforcer Mount: S0

Enforcer: Cell 1

Rhino Step: James's Radley

Cage/CCTV: Bradstr090

CCTV Monitor: Bradstr090

Lighting Controller: Bradstr090

Red Med Bag: Bradstr090

Roof Fan: Bradstr090

MDT: MegaMac

Rest of Equipment: MegaMac

Don't think I've missed anyone. Any issues let us know!

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jk3y Replying to bailey
December 2022

I haven't heard of this issue beforehand. Have you installed the ELS correctly? If so, just replace the xml with a new one. That should fix it, as the files included are fine.

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December 2022

when i added it into my server the sounds didnt work nor did the sirens soooooo

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jk3y Replying to SGModding
October 2022

Thank you!

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October 2022

sexy af

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October 2022

so nice keep it up