[ELS] 2019 Mercedes Sprinter - North Bridge Ambulance Service - Fictional

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- North Bridge Ambulance Service | 2019 Mercedes Sprinter -

- A non-els version will be released once its finished

-Video Showcase 

     - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdgoHvp4YB0

UPDATE - I've now added a Handling.meta, its highly recommended that you install its contents to prevent the ambo from fliping. 

This ones been in the works for quite some time but I'm happy to finally be releasing it.


- Full enterable detailed interior

- Toggleable stretcher (extra_11)

- Deployable rear ramp

- Patient can be transported in rear


Model - Turbosquid
Convert - MvM
Stryker Stretcher - 3D-Horse - With edits by myself
Lifepak - Bradley Lewis
Kussmaul Auto-Eject - Joshua Tanner
ELS VCF - ObsidianGames
Whelen Super-LED L360 Series - Steve6645
Rain Jacket - Unknown - Edits by myself
All other credits belong to me


You may use this vehicle in clans and FiveM servers if you wish to do so
You may re-skin this vehicle  if you wish to do so
Missed credits or issues? Message me on discord - Bradstr090#5363

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2 weeks ago

Still the same issue with handling. Even with the Handling.meta installed from download, still flipping. Great model overall, just the flipping issue.

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FireHeatiN Replying to Bradstr090
4 weeks ago

Hi Bradstr090, I think JoBo19 is onto something as I have tried and reinstalled it from scratch with new handling.meta file but mine also flips over. Really luv the amazing quality models you do!

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Bradstr090 Replying to JoBo19
4 weeks ago

Hi mate Thank you, you'll need to ensure you've installed the handling.meta properly otherwise it'll flip.

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4 weeks ago

This is my all time favourite ambulance, its the best looking I have found. I noticed it keeps flipping no matter what handling I use, i noticed on the ytf that the bounds of the ambulance are higher than the geometry, and i wonder if that is why it is flipping? I love the look of the ambulance and do not want to go back, but it never turns up when called as it flips. Hope it may be resolved. Great work!

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last month

whr do we install to

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last month

Cant Wait for the non-els version!