Ford Focus Mk1 Escort [ADD-ON] [RHD]

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This is a Mk1 Ford escort that I have converted and was one I wanted to share

You may use this vehicle on any FiveM server so long as it is not sold, 

if you would like to do this then please contact me for permission


Base Model - CSR2 Racing

Conversion - ArteX

Textures - SCRAT

This vehicle is given to you for use in Singleplayer and FiveM

Looking for any more interesting vehicles... Check out my discord for 

vehicles, DEV models and ticket system where you can request 

or ask any questions you may have!

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Singleplayer Install   ADD-ON

 - Place the MK1E Folder under mods-update-x64-dlcpacks

 - Then go to mods-update-update.rpf-common-data and get the dlclist.xml

   and add the following line <Item>dlcpacks:/MK1E/</Item>

Spawn Name is - MK1E

FiveM Install

 - Place the mk1e resource in your resources folder

 - In the server.cfg just add the following line "start mk1e"

Spawn names is MK1E

Hope you enjoy!

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October 2022

Very cool!