[ELS] Generic Maintenance 2011 Vauxhall Astra

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Cheeky free release of a maintenance type vehicle. Feel free to reskin this vehicle, just give us appropriate credits. Use in FiveM servers is allowed, however please let us know within our Discord. Our full listed TOS etc is found in the 'read me' file.

Skin was done by a learning skin/texture developer. Don't be harsh.

Setup: Jake (Jake Modifications)

Skin: Liam (Jake Modifications)

Model: Jayone

GTAIV Author: Jayone,BritishGamer88

Converted over to GTAV: BritishGamer88

Texture's/Material's: BritishGamer88

Template: BritishGamer88

Scratch Made Wheel's: Mathew Cammack

Vauxhall Badge: Matthew Cammack

Boot equipment: James Radley

Minibar: Matrix Mods

Ions: State 0 Mods

Any issues let us know!

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SGModding Replying to GTOMO
last month

its good for his first

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jk3y Replying to GTOMO
last month

Was someone’s first skin, not that bad considering what it could’ve turned out like. Since then they’ve improved massively.

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last month

skins shite

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jk3y Replying to SGModding
last month

Thank you matey!

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last month

good work keep it up