[ELS] 2016 BMW 330d F31 - Generic – Traffic Car

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Hello all! This is my first release, so I hope you enjoy, any feedback, join my discord (link in profile) and / or comment on this post. 

If I've missed any credits, please also follow the above,

Huge thanks to the following peeps and teams for help and support with this model:

- Sovereign Modifications (George, Alfie, Joe and team)

- Blue Line Workshop (Hunter and team)

- Exceed Developments (Jim, Steely and team)

Please do not:

Unlock and / or Rip this model,

Rip and reupload the skin provided,

Reupload these files or their contents to other sites,

(Skin edits are permitted as long as they are not reuploaded to any sites - templates provided)


Base Model: Exceed Developments

Edits: Me (Horner) (Advice from I.Hunter, thanks pal)

Liberty I: Kane104

LIN3's: CJ24

ANPR's: StateZeroMods

Boot Equipment: LSPDFR / StateZeroMods / JamesR

Interior Equipment: Bradstr / Andrews Emergency Designs

Setup: Me (Horner)

Skin: Me (Horner)

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Horner Replying to leicspol95
October 2022

oooo we'll see :)

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Horner Replying to SweetAnkles
October 2022

Glad to hear it haha

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Horner Replying to rogue22
October 2022

Thanks so much!

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October 2022

could you do a leicestershire police setup https://www.flickr.com/photos/s11aun/27248099124?

Image Description
October 2022

I have had great fun using this car! Hope you make more soon :)

Image Description
October 2022

Really nice in my opinion, hope to see you make more :)