[NON-ELS] Metropolitan Police Volvo XC90 ARV

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This is a similar replica to the Metropolitan Police Volvo XC90 ARV that I have made. It is not a one to one replica but it is something that I have made and felt like sharing, any issues the let me know.

You may use this vehicle on any FiveM server so long as it is not sold, if you would like to do this then please contact me for permission


Base Model - Britishgamer88

Lights - CEO

This vehicle is setup for use in FiveM but may be used in SP as well

Looking for any more interesting vehicles? Check out my discord for vehicles, DEV models and ticket system where you can request or ask any questions you may have!



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last month

Great model - Is this only fivem or can be used in LSPDFR SP

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RomFordMods Replying to ArteX
last month

it would do really well and get your name out there so do it

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ArteX Replying to RomFordMods
last month

Is that someone saying that they want the cupra by any chance??? I might do in the future, we're see depends if your lucky :)

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last month

you should put out the cupra for free will do really well and get your name out there

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last month

Any chance of you making an ELS non-FiveM version?