[PROPS] RNLI Prop Pack

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RNLI Props Pack by BenH


Lifeboat gazebo
Lifeguard gazebo
Red and yellow beach flags
Kit cost pop up sign
Float to live pop up sign
Lifeboat pop up sign

Install Instructions:

1. Ensure you have downloaded Lennys Mod Loader (LML) from www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/misc/25437-lennys-mod-loader/
2. Drop the lml folder from this download into your main GTA folder.
3. Spawn props using your usual method.


Original Models - Rock*
Reskin and ytyp creation - BenH
With thanks to synysterfence7x who created the NSW Police pack on GTA5mods which inspired me to create the RNLI one.

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