[ELS] Generic Firearms BMW F15 X5

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Generic firearms vehicle, class model. Was planning on working slightly more on this before listing it, however I lost the will power so its released. You are allowed to use this in community's etc, however please message me on my Discord first and let me know (Discord listed below).


Setup - rUn#6417

Skin (with thanks) - I.Hunter#6679

Model - B.Nettleton/W.Mason

Model lowered/converted/templated - James Radley

Headlights - Tim/James Radley

Wheels - AdrianK

Lightbar - Matrix Modifications

Spitfire - James Radley

Boot equipment - Cell One Modding, DazeOfficial, LSPDFR releases

MDT: MegaMac

ELS Controller: Bradstr090

If anyone missed, let me know!

*I quickly added some numbers on the plate, easy to change, if you reskin this model, please give me and the various other developers listed above credits*

My Discord: rUn#6417 - lemme know if there's any issues. May make updates.

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jk3y Replying to lloydsy
October 2022

Like you would any other addon FiveM vehicle bro! :))

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October 2022

hi how do you install this?

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September 2022

famalam whatchu saying drilla