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Hello this is a script and ymap that adds flooding to the GTA5 map, the areas covered are fully customizable to your needs but as a base template I've added flooding to sandy shores and to the Vespucci area as I have stated this is fully customizable so if you wish to change this you can do but my template has a good level and balance of flooding to the map. All you have to do is stream the empty map folder in your server config and the script should work. I will state there are some issues with the script, for example, AI does not understand that there is water there so will continue to drive through it. The way I would fix this is by using traffic nodes to stop the AI from driving into the water. Another issue is in the Vespucci area the canals cannot be removed and therefore your player will fall into that water quad rather than the one that I've created myself. I tried for a long time to fix this, but it is physically impossible to remove the canal water from the game. Once again fuck Rockstar i hate them with a passion. Other than those issues AI will still react to the water in the sense they will swim through it and their cars can be damaged by the water this is the same for your character as well. I hope to see this flooding script used in some communities to create some very diverse and interesting calls. You will also notice that there is a ymap around the Vespucci area in this I have included a general camp with supplies which can be used by police as a command post or can be treated as some this the local community has put together to help those affected by the flood which you can see in the screenshots. There is also a command post for ambulance in the car park just opposite this supply section. The screenshots of sandy shores have used my remaster of sandy and does not come with the flooding script. 

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Struggling to work script, anyone able to send me an updated discord link to Yungy's discord server?