2018/19 Marked Vauxhall Astra Estate pack

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Here is a pack of 2 Marked Vauxhall Astra Estate Response cars based on the Avon and Somerset Police setups. One has a Whelen Liberty and one has a Whelen Justice! Both setups similar to those used by the above force!

Model lowered- BrendanI123
Model Templated- BrendanI123
Model Converted- BrendanI123
Setup: TheCopman123
Skins: TheCopman123
Whelen Justice & Liberty: James Radley
Ions: Jamse Radley
Numberplate base / lights: TheCopman123 & James Radley
Coban Edge: Dan with da van

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February 2021

Amazing! 2 Bits of feedback are the "ASTRA" badge at the back could do with being removed and the rear Vauxhall logo needs a circle cutout in the livery, otherwise it looks amazing

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February 2021


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February 2021

Very nice :)