[SKIN] 2018 BTP Ford Transit

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Hello, this skin is based off a real BTP Ford Transit, all badges, logos etc are copied off the real van but the roof letters and numbers are random as i could find a reference for the roof of the real BTP van so i couldnt copy the numbers etc. It is a edited skin of Oskar's one, just adding text, Roof numbers and BTP logos. Enjoy:)

---- Credits ----

Base Model - Eric (BG88)

Whelen Justice - GTAxB0SS

Whelen ION - CEO

Generic Numberplate Lights - StateZero

Interior Equipment - Bradstr090

Rhino SafeStep - JamesR

Prisoner Cell + Cell Cameras - Bradstr090

Skin - Me (D4n9y)

Setup - Oscar

---- Links ----

 Original Model Here - https://www.unionmods.com/?p=viewfile&file=549

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September 2022

So you've just nicked a skin

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D4n9y Replying to Jamiela
August 2022

Thank you

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August 2022

Keep Up The Good Work Lad Looks Good