[SKIN] BMW M3 G80 Competition Safety Vehicle - Fictional

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hello, this is a quick skin of a BMW M3 G80, this is a quick skin and not the best quality, i have changed the els to a orange colour as long as you use the xml provided.

---- Credits ----

Converted to GTAV - BritishGamer88

Templated - BritishGamer88

Textures - Steven.S/BritishGamer88

GTA SA & Squir Model - Steven.S/Tom(Squir)

Scratch Made Whelen Justice - CEO

Whelen Microns - CEO

Plates - BritishGamer88

Skins - D4n9y (Me)

ANPR Cameras - Dan Steely/Dan Pease

Antannas - BritishGamer88

Rear Bumper Lights - Unknown

---- Links ----

Original Model - https://www.unionmods.com/?p=viewfile&file=695

Join my discord on my profile for better skins coming soon 

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