Kent Police BMW X5 F15 ARV [AEGIS]

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This is a Kent Police BMW X5 15 ARV with the aegis lightbar specification 

Twitter: @Ramshawyt

Discord: Ramshaw(6604)

The model includes a full lighting setup and a full boot kit array, including a gun locker, shield and enforcer 


Model - B.Nettleton/W.Mason

Model lowered/converted/templated - James Radley

Headlights - Tim/James Radley

Wheels - AdrianK 

Exhausts - Ramshaw 

Whelen Ions - LSPDFR 

Edits Made by - Ramshaw 

Buttonblast modelled, textured and converted by JamesR

Emissive texture by ObsidianGames

Divider modelled by JamesR

RSG Aegis - Bradstr090

ARV Boot - Double Doppler 

Setup - Ramshaw 

Lightbar Mounts - Ramshaw 

Skin - X.Hargreaves 

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February 2021

Beautiful mate, you did a great job :)