[SKIN] National Highways Ford Focus - Fictional

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Hello, this is a quickly made National Highways Response Vehicle Skin made by me, i know its not the best but it was a very quick skin to make. Enjoy.


Setup: rUn#6417

Model - BritishModding/Hum3d

Lowered,converted and templated : JamesR

Interior model : Arkviz

Wheels : JamesR

Lightbar: Matrix Modding

MDT: MegaMac

Boot Equipment: JamesR

Cable for MDT: Bradstr090

Other Random Kit: LSPDFR//Various developers


--Original Model--



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D4n9y Replying to GTOMO
August 2022

idk tbh i cba to change it

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August 2022

Why does the reflective tape only go across the doors?