Generic Traffic BMW M5 [Replace | ELS]

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My discord:
My Twitter: @Stee1yDan

- Model Source : Need For Speed Payback
- Model Ripped : Guki(
- Ported over to GTAV : BritishGamer88
- Model templated : BritishGamer88
- Material's/Texture's : BritishGamer88 & Guki
- Setup: SteelyDan
- Skin: X.Hargreaves
- Pursuit: D.Pease
- Ions: LSPDFR/SteelyDan
- Microblasts: D.Pease
- Boot Kit/Matrix: D.Pease
- MDT: SteelyDan

You can check out X.Hargreaves discord here for any of your skinning needs:

You can reskin this and upload but YTD only with link back to the model, use however you like in fivem or lspdfr. No ripping claiming as your own etc etc etc


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SteelysWorkshop Replying to RhysClarke
May 2022

What do you mean not els?

Image Description
May 2022

not els but not hard to make 1

Image Description
August 2021

lads you can use any blue els vcf, just rename to the the slot the car is in

Image Description
June 2021

Can't use it with ELS without the ELS VCF..

Image Description
April 2021

Doesn't need a els file, its a replace.

Image Description
April 2021

there's no ELS vcf file?

Image Description
March 2021

It is ELS, i know since i made did it.

Image Description
February 2021

Not els