2018 Volvo V90 CC ARV Marked [ELS | Replace]

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2018 V90 CC ARV Generic, feel free to use in FiveM or LSPDFR etc.

Feel free to also badge up the vehicle but template is provided if you wish to do your own.

Do not re-release the skin with a badge on, if you wish to upload a skin, you must make a new one.

Scratch Made Model - The_Closer(Tim)

Textures - The_Closer(Tim)

Rims - RaddzModding(James Radley)

Converted to GTAV - BritishGamer88

Templated - BritishGamer88

Setup - Steely

Skin - SteelyLiberty 2

XT12 and ARV locker - State Zero

Ions: CEO

Gecko plate light and RSG Light controller: Andrews

Sepura radio: Bradstr090

Contact me if I missed any credits: Steely#2774


No ripping or reselling.

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July 2022

Looks good... But you not put any Police sign on the back or side saying (POLICE)