[SKIN] 2022 Police BMW M3 G80 NHS London Livery

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2022 BMW M3 Competition F80 


Original & Required Modelhttps://unionmods.com/?p=viewfile&file=695


(Model is quite high poly around 300k+ Polys but still a decent model to work with)!!!

Converted to GTAV - BritishGamer88

Templated - BritishGamer88

Textures - Steven.S/BritishGamer88

GTA SA & Squir Model - Steven.S/Tom(Squir)

Scratch Made Whelen Justice - CEO

Whelen Microns - CEO

Plates - BritishGamer88

Original Skin - BritishGamer88

Edited Skin - Me

My Discord - LINUK#7954

ANPR Cameras - Dan Steely/Dan Pease

Antannas - BritishGamer88

Rear Bumper Lights - Unknown

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liamdlafin Replying to DJSimpson
4 weeks ago

or maybe the fact that its got anpr lmao

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4 weeks ago

Another error on this model, battenburg should be all the way across

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4 weeks ago

im sorry but whaaaaaaat

Image Description
4 weeks ago

is this a joke or something

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4 weeks ago

wtaf is this