Skin Starter Pack

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Pack Made By: X.Hargreaves
Overlay Made By: X.Hargreaves

This pack is Intended for Beginners starting out with skinning. 


- Premade Battenburgs/Chevrons with a Triangular Overlay
- Text and Logos
- Force Links
- Stickers
- Some of this stuff can be found online, but I have compiled it into one place so its easier for beginners

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August 2021

TYSM Can i add u on discord?

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March 2021

and just a quick one, i am new to discord (bit of a noob) and have just recently made an account and i went to join the discord at the top of the website and it said "unable to accept invite" do u know why this is?

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March 2021

This is amazing thank u

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February 2021

nice work!