Fendt 724 Tractor [Unlocked] [DEV]

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I have decided to publicly release this tractor due to me texturing converting it because I was bored and I'd rather people got use from it than it sitting on my desktop unused!


Included is - 

Fendt.z3d (The Model)

Due to it being a .z3d, it will need to be opened in Zmodeler3! 


I will upload another version whcih is just the model for those that wish to use in a server without having to get Zmodeler3 to export it!


Model - Giants/FS19

Textures - Giants/FS19 + That Alien

Model Re-Texture - That Alien

Wheels - Giants/FS19 + That Alien

Model Fixes - That Alien

Convert to GTA- That Alien


If you make something from this model, please credit this post including the link!

Please only do locked releases!

If you would like to make sales with this model, please contact me via Discord (link attached to profile) to discuss!


Please let me know what you would like to see next!


Have Fun 

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