[SKIN] 2021 Dennis Elite 6 - Bin Lorry Pack

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At the moment ive only done 2 there will be more on the way so keep up to date with them i will add what's included in versions here, sorry for the bad quality images im testing different graphics mods for FiveM. But anyway

Download original model  - https://unionmods.com/?p=viewfile&file=720


Econic Cab:Hum3D

Major Model Edits: NotchApple

Lowering: NotchApple

Templating: NotchApple

Converting: NotchApple, KaiW210 & AMM88R

Modules and setup: ZachC

Skins: BerkshireMods - https://discord.gg/hds4rEGzGn

Version 1.0

- Biffa

- Grundon


Version 1.1

- Veolia

19 Files
2598 Total Downloads