[ELS] 2014 Ford Focus Generic Security Car

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This is my first released setup, don't me a mong x

The skin is a placeholder, I have included the templates - PLEASE reskin this yourselves, credit who I've credited if you release the skin etc, include me :)). I cannot skin for the life of me, as shown. This can be used in FiveM servers etc, anything else give me a DM - Discord is listed below!


Setup: rUn#6417

Model - BritishModding/Hum3d

Lowered,converted and templated : JamesR

Interior model : Arkviz

Wheels : JamesR

Lightbar: Matrix Modding

MDT: MegaMac

Boot Equipment: JamesR

Cable for MDT: Bradstr090

Other Random Kit: LSPDFR//Various developers

Sorry if I've missed anyone, lemme know!

*The car does have plates on it, countering the screenshots.*

My Discord: rUn#6417 - lemme know if there's any issues. May make updates.

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