[UK] Legion Shell Petrol Station

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This reskin of the default GTAV legion gas station [FiveM Resource Only]

   - Somewhat realistic design

   - Building model edited 

   - Working LOD

   - Working emis


- Claim this resource as your own.

- Sell or redistribute this product or any of my others.

- Reupload this resource without my direct permission.

If you would like to speak to me head over to discord (Thomas_butler01#9506)

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July 2022

yeah ive been away for a while so i think that would be a nice project to come back

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June 2022

is there anyway u can do a whole pack that chnages all the petrol stations in gta to uk ones. Esso, BP, Tesco, Morrison, Asda, Shell are some that u can do. Great retexture none the less mate!