[SKIN] 2021 BMW 5 Series Met Police

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Metropolitan Police 2021 BMW 5 Series 

- Contact me on discord (!Jake#2540) . If there is any car's you want to see with a different Skin!

- Feel free to leave some feedback, All will be noted and taken into consideration


Defender Lightbar - Matrix Modifications

Whelen ION - Brad

Base Vehicle - Doggy Flop

Skin - JakeTheDev123

Setup - ViceModifications


Vehicle Link - https://www.unionmods.com/?p=viewfile&file=484 

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JakeTheDev123 Replying to vegas
June 2022

Thank you very much for you feedback, I will take this into consideration in the future :)

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June 2022

This is wrong on so many levels. The bonnet is wrong, the rear is wrong, and the side is wrong. 90% of the cutouts are incorrect, the only correct ones being the fact you went around the door handles. The overall quality of the skin, issues aside, is poor. Cutouts are not neat, you haven't rounded any of your corners and you've left a mess on the image itself. Look at some reference photos, take some time and care and consider whether or not it represents what you want it to. You cannot call this a Met Police skin just because you've slapped the logo on it.