G4S Mercedes Sprinter Van Pack

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FiveM G4S Van with 2 variants.

Free to be used by everybody. Please provide credits when requested.

Drag n' Drop Installation.

G4S Van - Vehicle Credits:

Model: GTA SA (Unknown Author)Converted to GTAV: BritishGamer88Converted to GTAIV: BritishGamer88Templated: BritishGamer88Materials & Texture's: GTA SA & BritishGamer88Skins: Diamond#4091 / Blues 'N' Twos Modding

If there are any issues please contact my discord and I'll get it fixed ASAP. 

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modosn Replying to GTOMO
June 2022

cry more, change the texture urself

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June 2022

have u got template

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Rory Replying to GTOMO
June 2022


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June 2022

Why does a sprinter model that ceased production in 2017 have a 2022 plate on it? And is this not just a skin on a model with no actual unique parts like on the IRL G4S vans?