Merseyside Police Fleet

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This pack includes 35 vehicles currently used across Merseyside Police's many departments, taskforces and branches including: Response & Resolution, Matrix: Armed Policing, Matrix: Roads Policing, Matrix: Disruption Team, Matrix: Priority Crime & Local Policing Tactical Team.

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330d - Bleep

Sprinter - Eric

308 - Bleep

V50 - EliteJaguar

X5 - JamesR

Kodiaq - JamesR/Redtail

Octavia - Eric

X1 - Bleep

XC90 - Eric/Redtail 

3008 - Eric

Whelen Freedom - Matt

Whelen Ion - CEO

Whelen Liberty - CEO

Whelen Justice - Redtail

Whelen Micron - CEO

Interior Equipment - Redtail/Bleep

Spotlight - Redtail

ANPR Cameras - Redtail/Matt


  • Support will not be provided for technical issues with vehicles.
  • You must request permission to use ANY of the vehicles in a FiveM server.
  • You must not re-release this vehicles elsewhere.
  • You must not use these vehicles in any way that would result in your own monetary gain.
  • You must not unlock any of the models within.
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    sarissa Replying to zainburns357
    3 days ago

    If "A lot of people.." was paying, then why are you here fishing for free shit then?

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    2 weeks ago

    Is there a tutorial on how to install this because its very confusing for me

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    2 weeks ago

    how do i install this please

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    Chxrlotte Replying to connor
    3 weeks ago


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    connor Replying to zainburns357
    3 weeks ago

    is it all els

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    Chxrlotte Replying to Rory
    4 weeks ago

    im not complaining fag boy

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    4 weeks ago

    Not sure if i've skimmed over it but i can't see the Ocatvia or Kodiaq in the pack. Correct me if im wrong though

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    zainburns357 Replying to chimamaka
    5 weeks ago

    A lot of people..

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    chimamaka Replying to Rory
    5 weeks ago

    no shit sherlock who would pay for a car in a video game

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    5 weeks ago

    Would of been a good idea to list what vehicles are included and organise better but hey its free.

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    Rory Replying to Chxrlotte
    5 weeks ago

    Don't complain you muppet you got it all for free

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    5 weeks ago

    no kia sportage?