[ELS] BMW 530d 2014 Fictional Traffic Car

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This is a fictional bmw 530d used in the London met police for the traffic division. however if you know how to reskin this car has a template within it so that you can make it be anything you want. [FiveM Resource Only]


Model : Arkviz/3dGarage

Model textures : Arkviz/JamesR

Model convert to facelift : Arkviz/JamesR

Converted to GTA : JamesR

Alloys modelled : JamesR

Model templated : JamesR

Boot equipment Cones and the band : Vertex3D

Lightbar : thegreathah

Police Skin : Thomas_butler01

Model Edits : Thomas_butler01


Els - Working ELS with Extra 1-6 as blue lights and 7 and 9 been the red rear lights
Boot Equipment - For added role play

Note: This will not be receiving updates and may only be updated if someone brings my attention to something that is broke in the file. Know how to use zmodeler3, I will not provide support.

This was my first ever from scratch car please go easy and leave your honest feedback Thanks !

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May 2022

Not trying to be rude or anything but...... Is this car a joke or something? The skin has no cut outs. The lightbar is REALLY thin and that is the only source of lighting from the vehicle. Would recommend redoing this car mate. Not being rude, Just giving feedback :)

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May 2022

Hello mate i can give you a few tips if you want just ive me a DM (Mr McGee#8628) and ill help you

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Thomasbutler01 Replying to GTOMO
May 2022

thanks for the feed back

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Thomasbutler01 Replying to DodgyDave
May 2022

No mate its my first car

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May 2022

Not trying to be mean, but is this upload some sort of joke?

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May 2022

Where is the skin cut-outs? Why is the light bar so thin? Why does the the yellow front end have a reflective overlay? Where is the number plate? Could do with a few more light modules instead of just a light bar.