[FICTIONAL] 2022 Ford Transit - St Johns Ambulance - DCA

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This is a St johns ambulance DCA ford transit that I've made based from the new ambulance SJA Bangor.Ni got as of recent.

Original model - Union Mods - 2022 Ford Transit North West Ambulance (Generic ELS Pack)

there are some issues with the texture that I will address within the next week, If you have any tips or IRL pictures to show please drop a comment or use my email.

Also, some pictures to show what I was going for please do not it's not 100% accurate and this was intended for my own use however I've decided to give you all it  

Email - [email protected]

Many thanks


DEV Model - GTAPoliceMods Website

Base model : RogueT, BlueGhost, Zeakor, Pacific Pig, TrueNorth, Cartres

Skin - BritishGamer88

New Template - BritishGamer88

Texture's/Materials - BritishGamer88,RogueT, BlueGhost, Zeakor, Pacific Pig, TrueNorth, Cartres

Whelen Ions - ceo

Plates - BritishGamer88

Small Rear IONs - RaddzModding(James Radley)

ANPR Cameras - Steely

Antannas/Roof Stuff - BritishGamer88,Matthew Cammick

Rear Ambulance Interior - D.Pease/Dan Steely

Rear Ambulance Box Modelled - The_Closer

Ambulance Lights/Lightbar - BritishGamer88

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