[ELS] Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 - Marked Traffic Car

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Ford Mustang Shelby gt500 Marked Traffic Car  VERSION 1.0

This is Our First ever release, We skinned the car from beginning to the end. We've tried our best to make the car look as good as possible, if theres any problems with the vehicle please contact us through discord, the discord will be linked below :)

Discord : https://discord.gg/VuYVBsGCh4

Email : [email protected]

PayPal : [email protected]


Credits : 

Ions :  Bradstr090

Setup : Created by Us

Skin - Created by Us

Lightbar - StateZero

Base Vehicle - SCPDUNIT23


DO NOT attempt to: Claim as your own, unlock the model, rip any parts, or upload it anywhere else.

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April 2022

shit car looked like it was made at china

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ADModding Replying to GTOMO
April 2022

Hello! sorry, thanks for pointing that out! i will get that changed :)

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April 2022

So a British plate and then an American plate? Please tell me this is an April fools joke.

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April 2022

Is this an april fools? jk