[ELS] South Yorkshire Police BMW G20 [Roads Policing Group]

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South Yorkshire Police BMW G20 - Roads Policing Group

Credits Included in download

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Included - 

Files, ELS, Screenshots, Templates, Credits

3D Model - Arkviz

Original Model Files Bought from RaddzModding - BritishGamer88

Converted/Templated - BritishGamer88

Edit's/Boot Modelled - RaddzModding

Texture's/Materials - RaddzModding,BritishGamer88

Rims - BritishGamer88

Whelen Justice - GTAxBoss

Whelen Ion's - CEO

ANPR - Bradstr090

Getac Dash Camera - MiniBricks

Cleartone - Bradstr090

ButtonBlasts - State Zero

Sharkfin - Billy Johnsson

Bodyshell SharkFin - Bleep

RSG Traffic Commander - Bradtsr090

Cleartone PUMA - NotchApple

Sepura SRG3900 - Bradtsr090

Cable and Mount - Bradstr090

RSG MaxiSystem - Bradstr090

PTT FlexiStalk - Bradstr090

Boot Equipment - MegaMac

Boot Equipment - State Zero

Skin - Myself

Setup - Myself

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May 2022

Imagine commenting on a post a month later with your petty comments. Get a grip

Image Description
May 2022

Skin is wrong, lettering sizing is off. And scaling for a few things are off. Quite funny tbh.