[DEV] Generic Police Medic Bag

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Here is a little release for you all. Its a generic police medical bag for vehicle setups. I plan to do more releases in the near future and will also have a discord released publicly soon too!

Knowledge of Zmodler3 is required to use this as it is in a .z3d format

Please credit me if you do use it


Modelled by: Me

Textures: Me

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DazeOfficial Replying to YT43
March 2022

I stated in the description that it is made for vehicle setups. Therefore I will not provide support for converting it to any other file type or use other than what was stated in the description.

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March 2022

how would i turn z3d into a model for backpack

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DazeOfficial Replying to SGadd
March 2022

thanks Gadd

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March 2022

Very nice release mate.