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Welcome to Lakeside a small rural village based in the UK, this town for a long time has become forgotten by the council and is slowly becoming abandoned because of the growth of the city nearby a lot of people moved out, and because of this. Financially it isn't the strongest town or the most loved, a lot of shops including the motel have become bankrupt and left to rot. however, there are some people choosing to live in the old town and try to keep it alive. lakeside was known for its glorious lake but has become forgotten by many people. The people that still live here host markets for the small community and set up charity fundraisers every so often.

Showcase Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXfI7JpmsJk

Thanks to Grove street productions for the video!  

My discord server: https://discord.gg/64ZPfSxGwW

Installation: to install this place the lakeside YMAP folder into a stream folder, If you wish to download the grass textures then follow the link provided by the text document and download the Google Drive once you've done this place the grass texture folder into your server. I do not mess with this file as it is heavily edited already and must be noted this file was inspired by next-generation and i thought it looked to good not to recreate!


A side note to be made is to have the grass texture within sandy shores/lakeside you need to remove NVE models and textures file from your FiveM directory as this overwrites the grass texture I've made and returns it back to vanilla textures equally it is completely your choice whether you would like to keep the sand texture or replace it with the grass as this is client-side it makes no difference if you don't have nve this is nothing to worry about.

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July 2022

Suggestions as cant make it on the discord: the gates by the river have a collision and can be opened and run over at speed.

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Yungy Replying to BluesNTwos
February 2022

Firstly, I'm aware next generation is no longer selling this product and their website as i would assume hasn't been updated to show this. after looking at reviews of multiple clients and products including the retexture these people that have purchased this file have had their money taken but received no product back and don't reply to messages. Lastly, I should add that this texture that i have posted along this ymap was INSPIRED by next generations retexture and is mine not theirs. Apologies for this error on my behalf i posted this file late at night and didn't notice this miscommunication.

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February 2022

The Grass Retexture was a paid resource. Did you get permission to rerelease it for free?

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February 2022

just the mod i was looking for about 2 weeks ago, FINALLY