[ELS] 2021 BMW G20 - Burton Police / Fictional - Marked Traffic Car

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[ELS] 2021 BMW G20 - Burton Police / Fictional - Marked Traffic Car

This is a fictional setup, based upon a fictional county in the north of England. Myself and Hunter plan to make a full fleet of vehicles, and release the majority of it. There are no known bugs on this vehicle, if you come across any please let myself known in my discord. If you wish to reskin, or use in a FiveM server please ask permission first, in my discord server which you can find on my profile. 

My Discord: Oscar#0055


Base Model - Eric (BG88)

Whelen Justice - GTAxB0SS

Whelen ION - CEO

Whelen ION Spitfire - CEO

Premier Hazard Button Blast - StateZero Modifications

Boot Equipment - StateZero Modifications & MegaMac

MAV Rapier 35P ANPR Camera - Bradstr090

Sharkfin Airlink - Billy Johnsson

Tetra Dome - Ramshaw

RSG Traffic Commander Matrix Board - Bradstr090

Interior Equipment - Bradstr090

Watchguard Camera & Controller - Cell 1 Modding

Skin - Hunter Modifications

Setup - Myself & Hunter Modifications

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April 2022

no .meta files for it? Awesome car very clean!

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March 2022

10/10 for a free release. Thank you!

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February 2022

i just realised i put the produce bit twice, my bad ignore that

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February 2022

I don't know where to start this thing is beautiful, the 3d quality on the lights like how you have the wires coming off them, and how you have the 2 lower ions on the front in the swivel bracket. you can see the manufacturer sticker and the drain hole (something ive never seen before in-game) the lights are actually 3d when in most cases its almost like a screenshot put in the ytd file. please produce more work like this its absolutely amazing and I hope you produce more stuff like this in the future i am really pleased. one thing though, this is more personal preference but i wish the rear reds in the lightbar were the 2nd module in rather than the first.

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February 2022

cant wait to see more of this project

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February 2022