Civilian Mercedes Sprinter Pack #1

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Mercedes Sprinter Texture Pack 1 - Coca Cola, McDonalds, Fanta, KFC and Pepsi.

I do NOT own the model, Ihave permission to upload it with theskins.
The Model belongs to: BritishGamer88, go check out his mods!

Vehicle Credits
GTASA Model - Himmel
GTAIV Auhor - BritishGamer88
GTAV Author - BritishGamer88
Material'sTexture's - BritishGamer88
Template's - BritishGamer88
Wheel's - Kieran Chandler
Plates - BritishGamer88
Cargo Boxes/Shelves - Rockstar Games
Stock Livery Skins - Mitchell Hovingh
CUstom Livery Skins - Wizz

Vehicle Features
Lights Work
Breakable Glass
Sliding Door's
4 Skin Liveries

Drag n' Drop Installation
Install Here >>> GTAV/Mods/X64e.rpf/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf

Manual Installation
Replace all car_sign_'s with my ones (in the texture .ytd files located above).

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