[ELS] Skoda Karoq 2020 - Fictional – Unmarked 3 Pack

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**Fixed plates**

Enjoy this new Skoda Karoq, with 3 versions.

This contains:

Dog Section (Fictional)

Armed Response Vehicle (Fictional)

Traffic with matrix board (Fictional)


Base - Eric(BG88)

Extras - Eric(BG88)

Setup - MegaMac

Dog Section - James Radley

Boot Divider - James Radley

Sepura Flexistalk - Bradstr090

LP3 - Bradstr090

Sepura Radio - Bradstr090

RSG Controller - Bradstr090

ECCO ED505 - Bradstr090

Petards-ProVida 2000 Controller - Bradstr090

Boot Equipment - James Radley, MegaMac

Rear Matrix - MegaMac

Whelen Avenger - MegaMac, Mac

Venta Activsign - MegaMac

Rear Skoda Badge - Victor

Any missing credits let me know and I will add you


1.0 - Release

1.1 - Fixed plate texture


Do not Rip, Resell or upload to any other modding sites.

DM me if you want to use this in a FiveM server

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January 2023

the rear window is black. any fixes?