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This upload contains the required meta files for emergency vehicles. This will mean that in game AI civilian cars will pull over with els engaged.

This contains 


These are fully customisable so that they can be changed to suit your own personal needs

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BerkshireModifications Replying to Zqinnn
October 2022

its not to do with vehicles.meta its to do with carvariations.meta that deals the with colours

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Zqinnn Replying to OdgeThacks
June 2022

cheers mate, do u have an updated link to ur disc?

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OdgeThacks Replying to Zqinnn
April 2022

Sorry for the late response, I didn't see this. All my vehicles use these metas and they spawn in different colours when spawned repeatedly

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March 2022

i have an issue where my cars spawn in yellow when i add the thru lml. i tried using different vehicle metas with no luck, will this help and make it spawn in different colours?