[ELS] 2018 Ford Transit Custom - Fictional - AA Van

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[ELS] 2018 Ford Transit Custom - Fictional - AA Van

This is a fictional setup and not based upon anything. Made to be similar to real life AA vehicles, but not 100% accurate, this was previously a listed product but felt nice so released it. Before use on a FiveM server, please contact myself for authorisation via making a ticket in my discord server. If you plan to reskin the vehicle, please again contact myself for authorisation, using the same method as above.

My Discord: Oscar#0055


Base Model - Eric (BG88)

Premier Hazard Style Sovereign - StateZero

Whelen ION - CEO

Roof Fan - Bradstr090

Tetra Dome - Ramshaw

Skin - Hunter

Setup - Myself

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Oscar Replying to ViceModifications
January 2022

Ah, forgot to put the updated version in - will push it soon, cheers.

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January 2022

Nice, an issue i noticed is the headlight texture seems milky