[ELS] Skoda Superb Estate 2022 PSNI

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2021 Skoda Superb Estate PSNI Marked 


Installation Guide 

Drag and drop the files included in the "Model Files" folder to the latest patchday. Then drag and drop the ELS file included into your ELS/packdefault folder.  

I recommend that you use Albo1125's Modding DLC Pack V for an easier install. For installation guide included in that download.  



Model - Squir 

lowered - Raddz Modding 

Converted to GTAV - JamesR/ Eric (BritishGamer88) 

Template - Eric (BritishGamer88) 

Skin - Rozzer Mods 

Equipment - JamesR 

- Textures edited Multigaming_UK 

Interior - Multigaming_UK 

If any credits are missing and/or wrong, please contact me via my discord server. 

You must not use this model on a FiveM Server or for a Roleplay Community without prior permission being given. You can obtain this by contacting me via discord. 

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