[ELS] 2013 Skoda Octavia Combi - North West Ambulance Service - RRV

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This release features the gorgeous Skoda Octavia Combi operated by North West Ambulance Service with full Emergency Lighting Equipment. This vehicle is operated in a full Battenburg livery, Stickered up with Warning signs and North West Ambulance Service stickers alongside a fully complete and correct setup, unlike others out there!
Asset Credits
Code3/Premier Hazard Defender - GTAXBOSS (Heavy edits from N.Bassett)
Button Blasts - James Radley
MicroBlasts - Dan Pease
Whelen Ions - CEO
TIR3 - Unsure released on LSPDFR
Base Model - James Radley
Boot Miscellaneous items - Bradstr
Boot Shelving Rack - SteelyDan

HB Modding Credits

- Setup - HB Modding
- Skin - N.Bassett
- Images - O.Brown, Swain (Ex-HB Modding Media Team)

Do not redistribute, resell, or claim as your own in any way. All credit goes to HB Modding.
Skins made off the Template provided can not be sold alongside this setup unless a prior agreement has been made with HB Modding 

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February 2022

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