PSNI Pangolin (Armoured Land Rover) [ELS] V2.0

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Model - unknown
Converted to GTAIV - Kinksta100
Converted to GTAV - Multigaming_UK
Texture Fixes - Multigaming_UK
Template - Kinksta100/ Multigaming_UK
Skins - Sirex/Multigaming_UK
Beacon Light - JamesR
Fixed model - Multigaming_UK

Special thanks to Eric that helped make the vehicle Multi Livery.
Special thanks to JamesR for helping with the model.

This Vehicle is based off the (PSNI) Police Service of Northern Ireland. I have been in contact with the PSNI to ensure the vehicle is as accurate as I could make it.

The vehicle is best suited with BALLER2 Handling

*If you want to use it on a server please consider a donation*
*Any form of donation is appreciated as creating models is both expensive and time consuming*
This model took over 4 Months to produce and was a joint effort between myself and other experienced GTA V modders.


Insert into the latest Patchday


Twitter: @Multi_Igrade
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MultigamingUK Replying to alzur
January 2022

My discord server has tickets please use them.

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January 2022

Hey, amazing model can I speak to you on discord if possible? alzur#0449