[ELS] 2016 Generic Unmarked Traffic Discovery Sport

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What's Included -

Model Files, Templates, Credits, ELS (XML) and Vehicle Meta.


1. Do not claim as your own work.

2. This is a generic traffic setup for the police to use as you wish, can be used in communities.

3. Edits to the skin can be done or reskinned.

4. Do not reupload anywhere else or attempt to unlock this vehicle.


Credits (Apologies if I have missed anyone, let me know if I have) -

Model - T.Kay/Northants RP

Lower/convert - James Radley

General Traffic Boot Equipment - State Zero

Stealth Plate - State Zero

RSG Matrix - Traffic Commander - Bradstr090

Whelen Ion Solo - CEO

Whelen Ion DUO - CEO

Whelen Microns - CEO

Whelen Ion Swivel Mount - Syncc (Modding Forum)

Spitfire Mount - JKSensation

Setup - I.Hunter

Skin - I.Hunter


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mikeshort Replying to BlueLineWorkshop
August 2022

It doesn't seem to work for my friend either

Image Description
BlueLineWorkshop Replying to mikeshort
August 2022

That's a you issue. Make sure you have the vehicle setup correctly in your Metas

Image Description
August 2022

Doesn't seem to spawn

Image Description
steven3670 Replying to BlueLineWorkshop
July 2022

how do you do that can i ask? Having same problems. Thanks

Image Description
BlueLineWorkshop Replying to tilt
February 2022

That's something you need to fix, it has nothing to do with the model at all. Change your handling line in the vehicles.meta

Image Description
February 2022

it rollls over like my belly rolls

Image Description
January 2022

Great car