[DEV] 2014 BMW 530d F11

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By downloading this archive, opening this file or opening any further files or folders enclosed in this archive you agree to the following terms.

- To always credit using the credits provided when uploading it onto any site

- Disclose any bugs you notice to myself

- You are not to convert this model to any other game or reupload to any other website without my explicit permission.

- You may use parts from this model for use on your own model but credit must be given

- Edits can be made but credit must always be given

Model with no equipment triangle count : 81,412 tris

Model with no equipment vertex count : 81,075 verts


Model : Arkviz/3dGarage
Model textures : Arkviz/JamesR
Model convert to facelift : Arkviz/JamesR
Converted to GTA : JamesR
Alloys modelled : JamesR
Model templated : JamesR

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