[ELS] Audi A4 2017 - Generic – Traffic Car

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2017 Audi A4 - Generic - Traffic Car

This is my first released model and productive feedback would be great. Expect a few more releases of a G21 BMW 2021. Please don't claim as your own, Skins can be edited and I've made it nice and simple for people to add things on top.

Credits -

Model by: BritishGamer88 or Eric

Setup by: S.Gadd#7811

Skin by: S.Gadd#7811

Tetra Dome by: Matrix Modding

Justice Lightbar by: StateZero Modding

Toughpad Tablet by: MegaMac Modding

Wheelan ION by: StateZero Modding

Wheelan LP3 by: Bradstr090 Modding

Light Controller by: StateZero Modding

Venta ActivSign by: MegaMac Modding

Matrix Board by: StateZero Modding

Tried to include all credits but may have missed a few. 

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3 days ago

no els file

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SGadd Replying to jamesradley21
4 days ago

updated with what you requested

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5 days ago

Please include a template and credits.txt