[ELS] BMW 530d 2016 - MET – Starchase

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Did little thing last night im not sure of what the irl car has for the back window card so i left it as Raptor 32. I rarely do MET Cars cause i don't like doing them so i thought i would free release this for everyone to have. I hope you have a great new years

- Model : Arkviz/3dGarage

-Model textures : Arkviz/JamesR

- Model convert to facelift : Arkviz/JamesR

- Converted to GTA : JamesR

- Alloys modelled : JamesR

- Model templated : JamesR

- Sov : Obsidian Games

- Skin : XH Skinning/Rozzer Mods

- Raptor Card : Kaiw210

- Setup : Kaiw210

Kaiw210 Modifications Discord - https://discord.gg/XccEsmU 

Website - https://kaiw210modifications.co.uk/ 

Twitter - https://twitter.com/Kaiw210_Mods 

Happy New Years

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Kaiw210 Replying to DodgyDave
January 2022

I think they are but heard in merpol they are getting rid of starchase so rip

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DodgyDave Replying to Kaiw210
January 2022

it looks like a great car mod though, good attention to detail, I hope these are still used

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Kaiw210 Replying to DodgyDave
January 2022

Sorry about that i rushed getting it out tbf the back is boring anyways

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January 2022

you could have shown the rear of the car in the pics...