BT/Openreach Pack - SP/FiveM

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This is a Skin for SP / But i have made this FiveM ready too as i use these in my server. 

one of them is ELS (OPENREACH) 

for FiveM, open the FiveM file in the download and drag and drop it into your resources

ensure / start [BTOPENREACH] in server.cfg

for SP Download 

Link for model

Copy the YTD file to X64e.rpf > Levels > gta5 > vehicles.rpf


Model - NotchApple (

Skins - BerkshireMods

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BerkshireModifications Replying to Mckay
3 weeks ago

This is what I found online so I made a skin for it.. I will be updating them after I’ve done a few private and mlo things.. Please feel free to join our discord

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3 weeks ago

(not me mate) from someone who works for bt complete wrong colour and he wants to know what the image from the front view is